Fetishwear UK - Fetish clothing and PVC wear.

Lasting Leather - All things leather.


Food and Drink:



Flowers and Greenery:



Personal Care Products:




123 Sex Toys - Sex toys of the BDSM and vanilla variety.

BDSM Gear - Just what the name says.

Blowfish - "Good products for great sex".

Devious Toys - Bondage and BDSM toys, gear, and equipment.

Extreme Restraints - Bondage equipment of a variety of types.

Fetish Factory - A variety of toys and information on their use.

Lasting Leather - All things leather.

Sartan's Workshop - "Handcrafted fucking machines, BDSM equipment, and bondage gear in leather, steel, and wood".

The Stockroom - A good variety of toys and gear for all occasions.


Miscellaneous Items: