Information on Members in General:

Celebrity Wonder - News, biographical information, and gossip.

The Internet Movie Database - IMDB is one of the best sites from which to get a basic list of films, TV appearances, and other work that celebrities have done. It also includes biographies (of varying degrees of completeness) and photo galleries.

Tiscali Entertainment - Their biography and filmography index is by no means complete, but the celebrities it does feature are covered in unusual (and very helpful) depth.

Star Links - A highly useful tool that will tell you just how many degrees of separation there are between celebrities, and what and who those degrees are.


Information on Specific Members: - The band's official site.

Trust the Process - John Taylor's official site.

The Original Jurgen Prochnow Website - Unofficial fan site with some good information.

Jürgen Prochnow Watchdog Society - Comprehensive information on the man and his films.