The Establishment has clubs in almost every major city (and many minor ones) in the world. Each club caters to a wide variety of kinks and luxuries. All have public areas, private play spaces, and private rooms (often, there is a hotel attached to or near the club, run by the Establishment exclusively for its members.

In addition, there are clubs open to the public that have a strong Establishment presence - we recommend the The Power Exchange in San Francisco and The Wet Spot in Seattle; there is a similar club in Munich.

If you are travelling and want the use of a hotel with discreet service that is not overtly associated with the Establishment or which allows non-members as well, we are also a silent partner in many of the better class of hotels worldwide, including the Library in New York City.

Specific locations you might wish to be familiar with include:

The London Auction House: Located on the site of a former posh gentlemen's club in London, this is our premiere auction house. Slaves are displayed in one room, and the auction takes place in another. It is up to each Owner to decide if a slave needs to know their sale price. There is also a large holding and preparation room, as well as an excellent restaurant with an impressive wine cellar. The London House runs its own training facility as well. This facility is located in Kent about an hour and a half out of London in a large secluded country home.

The London Club: Classy and subdued decor are featured in this club's bar; polished wood and small niches with comfortable seating abound. Play rooms are located behind the main bar, large rooms may be reserved for private parties, and the attached luxury hotel and restaurant are among the finest in the city, and exclusive to our members.

The Los Angeles Club: The public play space is an old, small movie lot that's been purchased and converted into a complex which includes just about any sort of play space you could possibly want, from the large open dungeon for all your exhibitionistic fantasies, to any number of smaller theme rooms. Members can bring their own equipment or use the Club's gear. There are changing rooms with complete bathing facilities. There's also a first class restaurant, as well as room service. Decor is glitzy and glamorous, from the bar to the dance floor.

The Southern California Training Facility: Located in what was once a large cattle ranch near Santa Barbara, this facility includes all the amenities needed to train slaves for auction or private use. Interested members are encouraged to contact our trainers for more information.

The Resort: Perhaps our finest and most private facility. Originally was owned by one of the British founders of the Establishment, upon his death it was left to the organization. The resort is located on a tiny, independently owned tropical island. All the island amenities are available, from extensive jogging and hiking trails to beach volleyball, with the addition of the Establishment's special touch: a luxury hotel, restaurant, spa, and extensive play facilities. Most of the staff at the resort are paid employees who live on the island, however there are also slaves on hand whose services can be purchased for the duration of a member's stay. There are also pro Dom/mes available. Please contact Mistress India for more information.


Anywhere your celebrities want to be is fair game, of course. This section is more about game-specific locations. Descriptions of the locations are deliberately left vague, so feel free to let your imaginations run wild.