In the early years of the 20th century, an Anglo-American group of kinky people established an underground slave market. Unlike so-called "white slavery", the slaves in this world are willing and are protected by complicated contracts. In the year 2003, the Establishment is international, and its rules are strict and almost completely geared toward two goals, beyond the stated goal of providing a world in which sexual slavery is an accepted fact:

I. The safety of the slave. No potential slave is allowed to enter the Establishment until they have been observed by a Finder in good standing. Following that is a complete physical and mental examination and evaluation. No slave is to be harmed in any lasting way. No slave is permitted to be marked in any lasting way unless said marks are discussed and agreed upon by the slave and their Owner. All slaves are to be given full medical and dental coverage.

All contracted slaves are to be compensated for their contracted length of service (one year, 18 months, and two year contracts are the most common). This money is to be held in trust for the slave and released to them at the end of their contract. A portion of this money is the slave's auction price (minus the handling fees, finder's fees, and Auction House cut); the rest is a salary banked by the slave's Owner.

Should the contract need to be broken for any reason, the slave receives their complete share of their auction price, plus all salaries owed for he period of time they have served in their contract, as well as comfortable transportation to their home of record.

II. Complete privacy and confidentiality of everyone within the system. Everyone involved, from the wealthiest Owner to the janitors at the Resorts, signs a binding confidentiality contract. Should confidentiality be broken, a spin will be put on it by the Establishment's PR department. In the 100 years of the Establishment's existence, only rumors of it have ever leaked out, and all of those are held to be urban myths created by wistful pornographers.

A portion of The Establishment exists on two levels. On the surface, many members and staff are merely well-respected players in the national or international BDSM scene/circuit. Many of the Clubs have less extravagant branches which serve as play spaces for the public BDSM scene in their city.

The working part of the Establishment is a network of Finders, individual Trainers, Training Establishments, Auction Houses, Clubs and Resorts. The Establishment is made up of:

The Committee — they are in charge. In addition to vetting all Owners, they have the final say in any dispute, and maintain a staff of auditors who are not connected to any of the Clubs, Houses, or Resorts, and who investigate all aspects of the Establishment.

The Owners — they own the slaves. An Owner may own one single slave in what appears on the surface to be a marriage or partnership, or they may have a whole stable of slaves (literally in some cases). Some Owners are the rich and powerful, some are people actually employed by the Establishment. An Owner must come into the Establishment with recommendations from three other members, one of whom must be an Owner.

Establishment Employees — they run the business. Everything from shrinks and doctors, to lawyers and PR devils, to all the staff at the Clubs, Houses, and Resorts, these are the people who make things work.

Trainers — Trainers work either on an individual basis or as part of the Auction Houses. They are the people who take the slave through whatever training is required prior to sale and/or contract signing.

Finders (can also be Trainers) — they work the BDSM scenes, looking for people they think will fit into the Establishment, both slaves and staff.

Slaves — I think you can figure this one out. They are contracted slaves, usually discovered by Finders in their local BDSM scene. They are carefully screened and then made aware of the Establishment. They are then trained and offered for sale at one of the Auction Houses.

In addition to purchased slaves, The Establishment recognizes personal contracts negotiated between two members of the organization. These contracts differ from those signed by a slave sold at auction, as Member Contracts usually don't involve any sort of monetary compensation. Aside from the matter of money and health insurance, however, the safety and marking concerns are the same in any contract.

And of course there's nothing to say that members of the Establishment can't switch off if they so desire.

For game purposes, the Committee is the GM. Have a problem? Go to her.
Owners may be players or NPCs; many dominant celebrities fall into this category.
Establishment employees are NPCs; create as many as you need for your story, within reason. You might want to run a suggestion past the other players if it may conflict with someone else's account.
Finders are NPCs.
Trainers and slaves can be played if necessary to your story, but as the primary emphasis here is not on original characters, you're best off contacting the GM before trying it
Submissive celebrities may also be personally contracted slaves; these are player characters.


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