The major story this week is the fallout from last week's outing to the tabloid press of the Establishment and a few of its prominent celebrity players, leading up to a tragic showdown between the blackmailer Naylor and Baz Lurhmann, his former slave Baz Luhrmann and his boy Craig Pearce have been staying with Jill Wakefield while planning how to deal with Naylor. In the meantime, Craig has struck up an unlikely friendship with Jill's house slave Audrey. Baz has been blackmailed into meeting Naylor in secret, but now that the relationship is uncovered, he goes to the latest meeting with Jill, Craig, and Establishment staff as back-up to protect him and uncover Naylor. During the confrontation, Naylor is shot dead. No-one outside of Jill's household and the upper echelons of the Establishment organisation is aware any of this is going on. The fallout continues...

Since the Tattler article appeared, the celebrity players have reacted with varying degrees of dismay: Some are philosophical, some outraged or upset and some others are even amused. The PR machine has gone into over-drive, with George Clooney in particular making a number of public appearances to rubbish the story. A big party on Wednesday at Johnny Depp's Viper Room in LA saw a number of Establishment (and non-Establishment) celebs out and about doing normal celeb things. Music provided by Michael Stipe, Rob Thomas, Art Alexakis, and... Oasis.

Christian Coulson and Diego Luna, who were staying in Sean Bean's London house, have taken advantantage of the press interest to come out about their relationship and hopefully distract from other more image sensitive players. Diego's relationship with Christian has been complicated by the arrival of an old friend, Gael Garcia Bernal.

The week started with Sean Bean's collaring ceremony in the LA club, where he and Viggo Mortensen were contractually bound to each other, cementing their relationship. Bean and Christina Ricci are still upset over the fact Christina cannot find a place in their happy household but are getting over it. Bean has now flown off to Baja for filming and Viggo has made some sneaky plans to keep his boy entertained while he is away.

Ben Affleck has reacted badly to the Tattler story, which comes at a bad time for him. Fearing he is losing Matt Damon, he has branded him. Matt has run. He has caught up with former lover Ed Norton who is alarmed by Ben's behaviour and has turned to Christina Ricci for advice. Ben has now found out that his hereforeto straight vanilla brother Casey has slept with Matt and is furious. He is leaving increasingly threatening messages on people's phones and journals, referring to Matt as his and his 'property'. Casey, meanwhile, has turned to Joaquin Phoenix both as a desperately needed friend and as a way of exploring his sexuality without any pressure. They have just returned from a trip to Disneyworld to find George Clooney has left Hamburger Helper all over Joaquin's apartment as a joke.

Joaquin is trying to deal with the changes in his friendship with Casey Affleck and at the same time coming to terms with his love-hate affair with Pierce Brosnan. Pierce is one of those most affected by the exposé, as his previous relationship with Sean Bean has made it into the reputable press. As Bean is unwilling to assist him in any PR spin, he is laying low and, although it's hard for him to admit, missing Joaquin terribly.

Sam Jackson and Macaulay Culkin are getting more and more involved. Mac is horrified to learn that his brother Kieran has mentioned Sam to their mother, which has led to Sam being called a pedophile and predator by the angry parent. Sam is offended and is insisting on a public apology from the beleaguered Kieran. Mac, still very upset with his brother, is feeling protective but cannot step between his brother and his angry lover. Kieran and Hayden are still in Australia as Hayden is preparing for Star Wars III, but are due back in London shortly.

On Monday night, Dominic and Elijah had the Phone Call of Doom. On Wednesday, after Dom, Billy Boyd, and Natalie Portman visited the zoo together, Dom and Jurgen Prochnow spoke, and Jurgen's tragic past was revealed. Billy and Dom have gone off to visit Manchester. Lij was very upset and scared by the Tattler leak even though he wasn't directly affected. He attended the Viper Room party to do what he could to remedy the situation, but afterwards his own personal turmoil has led him to retreat and go incommunicado.

In the happy house of NIM (Neeson-Isaacs-Moss), things are more or less continuing as normal. For the most part, they are ignoring the press. Liam has had to deal with a death in his wife's family, flying to New York to be with her, but returned in time for Jason Isaacs' birthday. Carrie-Anne has proposed marriage to Jason, pending approval from their Master. Natalie Portman has taken up residence in the house of NIM as well. Her Best of Queen album has been taken off the playlist after a couple phone calls to Christina. The only cloud on their horizon is that Carrie-Anne is now sick and being a terrible patient.

Orlando Bloom has been waiting out the press interest at Alan Rickman's house, and having a great old time in the bedroom. Jaye Davidson is packing up to move to Vancouver after Vin Diesel proposed to him. Joey Fatone has headed back to LA, still a little embarassed from his behaviour at Maggie's tea party. Lance Bass is looking forward to a visit from Justin.

After a long night of drinking with Colin Farrell and George Clooney, Hugh Jackman finds himself in a compromising position and flees as soon as he can. While still very drunk, he posts about it (and how it reminded him of his devastatingly abusive past) and accidentally leaves the post public. When Jude Law informs him of it, he quickly changes it, but more damage has been done. Hugh spends the rest of his week trying to rectify things with Colin and George, before he has to fly to New York for the Tony Awards.

Seen around the LA Club: Art Alexakis and Rob Thomas canoodling. Angelina Jolie, still trying to find a man who is not very, very gay, and hooking up with Kiefer Sutherland (who is dismayed to find his father looking over his shoulder) and Lou Reed, who has once again hooked up with old Partner in Crime David Bowie. Lance Bass has an encounter with a pretty, pushy sub and learns a lesson. Also Michael Stipe, who is staying with old friend Courtney Love.

Dame Maggie has enjoyed a wonderful lost weekend with Keanu Reeves but, thanks to Sir Ian's "special cookies", neither remembers very much about it. They have managed to catch up again at Sir Ian's house.

Jude and Ewan McGregor have been in LA to pick up stuff from Ewan's flat. Jude is very upset by the Tattler's invasion of privacy, but Ewan could care less, except that it bothers Jude. Having dinner, and more, with Christian Bale and Jonathan Rhys Myers has put them both in a better mood and they are now back in London, ready to move into their new house.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Lane, and Rob Thomas have joined the Establishment. James Purefoy has returned after an absence, and Sandra Bullock is getting more involved.


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